Our timetable

We have a dining room service and flexible options to adapt to the parents’ needs.

7:30 – 18:00

Opening hours of Family School


9:00 – 17:00

School timetable with dining room service

9:00 – 12:30

15:30 – 17:00

School Timetable


Dining service

We are aware of the importance that a balanced diet has for children. Our center has a dining service that includes lunch and snack, and dinner planning for a complete advice service of families on food.


We have ecological menus adapted to all ages, supervised by an expert in child nutrition that guarantees the adequate nutritional balance of the center’s meals. Through our mobile application, parents will be informed daily of what their child eats, so they can keep track of the food they receive at school.


We have menus for allergic and specific medical needs’ children  that may be requested from the center’s management.


There is the option of using this service on single days, notifying us first time in the morning.

Communicative App to know everything

Our center has an application for Android and IOS operating systems. The function of this application is to allow a direct communication with families. Each tutor, at the end of the school day, will communicate with each family to detail everything that happened during the day, from basic needs to explanation of activities, games, etc. This platform also helps us send files to families: photos or videos of activities that we do during the day, as long as parents have signed an authorization from them.

Growing up and learning

as a family is now possible. Come to Family School!

Interactive Room

Using auditory and visual stimuli in education brings many benefits in learning English in the little ones. Therefore, we adapt and develop our educational programmes so that they are dynamic and interactive on our digital board.

Pedagogical Consultations

Family School offers families a daily online pedagogical consultation service from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., attended by our early childhood educator, so that you can make the consultations you need. With this service we intend to help you solve any doubt in the difficult task of educating, as well as the possible difficulties of your children’s behavior, be it sleeping problems, feeding, tantrums …

Parent Workshops

It is so satisfying to see how the little ones have fun while they are learning, but it is even more, to see them having fun and learning with their families. At Family School we offer workshops to parents and children so that they can see first-hand their progress and also have fun together.

Lactation Room

We know that the moment of breastfeeding is an intimate moment between a mother and her baby, therefore, we have enabled a quiet lactation room, separated from the rest of the classrooms, for those mothers who may need it.

Collaboration agreements