authorized center and subsidized by the Ministry of Education.

We conduct your child

during all stages of growth. We have designed an educational itinerary that goes from 0 to 8 years old.

Early English

Our sensory stimulation programmes for babies from 4 months

estimulación sensorial.

estimulación sensorial.

Our Nursery

Our Early Childhood Education Center for children from 0 to 3 years old. An innovative project with 100% English language immersion.

Kids Corner

Our “after school activities” (Kids’ Corner, Family Camps and families activities).

Kids Corner

Kids Corner

A different school

Family School is an Early Childhood Education Center with a 100% English Language Immersion, for children aged 0 to 3, with our own teaching method: Learn & Grow.

In our Early Childhood Education Center we seek to create a pleasant and familiar atmosphere full of affection, where children feel happy, safe and can develop, in an integral way, all their potential, so that their first contact with the school is POSITIVE.

Our programme is based on three main foundations:

1. Curricular Programme established by Consellería

Our objectives are divided into three fundamental areas for the integral development of the child: Area of self-knowledge and personal autonomy, Area of language knowledge: communication and representation, Area of environment knowledge.

To ensure a total follow-up of these objectives, we carry out a continuous individualized evaluation by handing out a quarterly report to every family.

2. Own teaching method: Learn and Grow

Our Learn & Grow method works to develop the language area through synthetic phonetics and praxies; and, at the same time, knowledge of oneself and the environment, through the learning of values, giving prominence each month to a main different value.

3. Pedagogical Programme

Our pedagogical programme has its own methodology. We work with the sensory and neuromotor areas of the child, with activities specially designed for this purpose.


At Family School we are aware of the importance of working on the development of Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence, that is why in ALL of our activities we promote the bases of learning, in order to develop the CAPACITIES and the POTENTIAL of the child for a correct initiation in his/her later school stage.

Neuromotor Programme

As Gesell states: “The first evidences of a normal mental development are only motor manifestations During the first three years approximately, the intelligence is an immediate function of the muscular development”.

With this premise in mind, at Family School we work daily to stimulate children through a NEUROSENSORIOMOTORIC programme based on the sequencing of both, fine and gross motor exercises, while encouraging the maturation of primitive reflexes, so important to avoid behavioural patterns and immature movement, which may trigger future behavioural problems.

Sensory Programme

In our Early Childhood Education Center we develop sensory activities, with which, through experimentation and exploration, we benefit logical thinking, intelligence and language; such important capacities to favour the development of NEUROPLASTICITY in children.

Mindfulness Programme

In Family School we work with the innovative techniques of MINDFULNESS because from an early age they favour the development of attention, improving also the levels of communication, active listening and understanding, exercising at the same time empathy, calmness, and emotional management.

In our case, of course, we adapt these relaxation techniques to the age of the children, being pioneers in this sense as Early Childhood Education Center in Alicante.

They learn while they play

in a family and English-speaking environment

5 Reasons to choose us

The only school with english teaching

Among the Early Childhood Education Centers in Alicante, we are the only one authorized and subsidized by the Department of Education (Consellería de Educación) that teaches an English-speaking programme.

Our family environment

Your children are the most important thing for us and we want this to be their second home. That is why we provide personalized attention to each family and child.

We cover the most important period

We cover the educational period from 0 to 8 years, which is the most important to learn a language.

Learning also on your holidays

Children can continue learning and having fun during their holidays thanks to our Summer Camps and Christmas Camps.

Outdoor playing areas

Family School has the best outdoor facilities with 3 independent playgrounds, 5 classrooms and an interactive classroom where children can develop different activities.

Find out in our videos why Family School is the best option