Our staff

Our teachers are all love

We all remember that teacher who motivated us to learn in a fun way. In Family School all teachers are like that! They propose each day to get the best out of each child, motivate them and accompany them during their learning.

Do you want to know more about them? Keep reading and meet the family that forms Family School.

Meet our Teachers
Learn & Grow Coordinator
“My passion has always been Early Childhood Education”

Hello, my name is Esther and I have a degree in English Studies with a master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Alicante. I have been working in the world of education for more than twenty years, so when I had the opportunity to join the Family School project, which combined early childhood education with 100% linguistic immersion in English, I finally saw the time to fulfill this great dream. In Family School, I collaborate in the coordination of the different teams of the center, I collaborate in the visits that come to know our school, as well as I give support in the teaching activities of the different classrooms. I also collaborate in our international relations department, establishing agreements for the exchange of international training. The school’s flagship program, our Learn & Grow, born from an original concept and the great experience of our principal, is taught by me, as well as our extra curricular/ language continuity program: Kids’ Corner. After three years at Family School, my enthusiasm for this project has only grown, since every day I am accompanied by the enthusiasm of the whole team, the satisfaction of ‘our families’, and the happy face of ‘our children’.

“Always willing to make the best of each child”

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica, graduated in Early Childhood Education and always willing to make the best of each child! After living abroad and studying a master’s degree in English language teaching, here I am: at Family School to teach and above all never to stop learning! In love with the Learn & Grow method of Family School. I currently collaborate in social media publications.

“My work is wrapped in love, discipline and illusion”

I am Maya García Heilker, graduated in Early Childhood Education. Having a Canadian mother, English has always been part of my life. Thanks to my academic training, I can say that I have acquired pedagogical knowledge that gives me security when it comes to transmitting my teachings. My work is wrapped with a lot of love, discipline and enthusiasm, which I consider basic to favor a full development in children since my profession is totally vocational. Nice to be part of Family School one more year

“Loving, involved and sweet teacher”

My name is Cristina and I am a child educator. I define myself as an affectionate, involved, sweet teacher with a great learning spirit, which is the engine that drives my motivation for teaching. If we combine my passion for working with children and my experience in London, the perfect result is Family School: personalized teaching plus 100% English language immersion.

“I focus on inspiring children the love for learning and values”

My name is Angie, I am a kindergarten teacher trained at the Universities of Bristol, Spain and Ljubljana, so I speak three languages. There, I received training in the María Montessori and Reggio Emilia method. In 2015 I returned to Spain and in Alicante I found in Family School, the best English-speaking nursery school in which to feel at home. My vision of teaching focuses on inspiring in children the love of learning and friendship through interactive play. Promoter of several projects in Family School.

“Practical, decisive, affectionate teacher, creative and eager to continue learning”

I am Isabel and I define myself as a practical, decisive, affectionate, creative teacher and always eager to continue learning. Higher Degree Technician in Early Childhood Education and Social Integration and with extensive training in Coeducation. I trained and worked with children during the seven years I lived in England and fell in love with Family School when
I did my internship here a few years ago. For me, working here is perfect because I can implement all my training together with the great team that the school has and always 100% in English.

“Always up to date in terms of learning techniques and current regulations of Education laws”

My name is Miriam, I am a graduate in Teaching of Early Childhood Education and I have a Master’s degree in Educational Research, as well as a high level of English. I am in charge of designing and coordinating the Educational Project, which is why I am always up to date in terms of learning techniques and of course, the current regulations of Education Law. I organize the resources so that the project can be carried out, I also carry out the evaluation of the school itself in terms of established objectives and its level of achievement. My interest in education allows me to develop into basic emotions, always keeping in mind the positive evaluation of areas of development and empowerment of our children, and I can’t think of a better place to do it than in Family School, a school that premiums learning in values and has a 100% linguistic immersion in English.

“I will share with the little ones my best skills”

My name is Noelia, I graduated in Teaching of Early Childhood Education and I am doing a Master in Educational Intervention. Thanks to my training as well as my broad qualities (patience, tolerance, empathy and much love) I decided to start sharing these skills with the little ones. After having lived in the city of Washington D.C, I acquired a level of English comparable to a bilingual speaker. All this contributed to Family School placing its trust in me and giving me one of the best opportunities to develop professionally every day. I feel very happy working in this school where I can develop professionally.